Microsoft holding everyone back in Europe

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Midway One of the big cheeses over at Midway has been chatting to Gamesindustry about the state of gaming in Europe and has come up with an interesting point.

He mentions that Europe was under developed (compared to the US) when he started and since then the Midway business has more than doubled it’s market size.

However he goes on to imply that Microsoft is actually holding the European gaming market back which I find a bit of an arb statement.

“But it could be growing to the same size as the US – the only problem we have right now is that we see in certain territories Microsoft is lagging behind”

Now I fully agree that the European market could, and should, be as large as the American market and that Microsoft is lagging in Europe compared to Sony and Nintendo.

However I fail to see how Microsoft lagging has anything to do with the industry not moving ahead, Japan isn’t lagging and the last time I checked Microsoft had pretty much tanked in that region.

What this does mean however is that Midway may start neglecting the Microsoft platform as they feel it isn’t going to give them value for money in Europe, something which would more than likely worry Microsoft.

Last Updated: September 10, 2008

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