Microsoft leaves no one guessing

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8 has written an article basically stating that the PS3 versions of cross platform games are improving and they will soon overtake the Xbox 360 versions making it the better console to buy.

Well Microsoft saw the article and obviously disagreed, however what I did like is the fact that they didn’t hide behind maybe’s or personal opinions but rather went straight for the kill.

Albert Penello, Microsoft’s global marketing director, responded with

Xbox 360 has more games with an aggregate review score of 90 or higher than the competition combined

That’s quite some feat and is also not disputable, however does it really have anything to do with the fact that PS3 cross platform games are catching  up to the 360 version?

Anyway he did mention some other points which are more valid to the current debate including achievements, Xbox Live, rumbling controllers and gamerscore.

The original article and the full response is available through the jump.

Feature: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 ports: The cold, hard truth UPDATED for Xbox 360 on

Last Updated: March 5, 2008

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