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8 has written an article basically stating that the PS3 versions of cross platform games are improving and they will soon overtake the Xbox 360 versions making it the better console to buy.

Well Microsoft saw the article and obviously disagreed, however what I did like is the fact that they didn’t hide behind maybe’s or personal opinions but rather went straight for the kill.

Albert Penello, Microsoft’s global marketing director, responded with

Xbox 360 has more games with an aggregate review score of 90 or higher than the competition combined

That’s quite some feat and is also not disputable, however does it really have anything to do with the fact that PS3 cross platform games are catching  up to the 360 version?

Anyway he did mention some other points which are more valid to the current debate including achievements, Xbox Live, rumbling controllers and gamerscore.

The original article and the full response is available through the jump.

Feature: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 ports: The cold, hard truth UPDATED for Xbox 360 on

Last Updated: March 5, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • meh I read this article and was mostly un-impressed, the author brought out his conclusions based on personal preference and what he saw to be best suited to his needs.

    it’s a poor excuse for an article the Author nit picks at the smallest of the small often battling to find a clear winner but at the end of the review claims that the PS3 is the better console hands down, …right

    personally I feel the article was written to bring up the hits on their site. Call me a fanboi I don’t care, but that article wasn’t written factually, it’s a matter of opinion

    I know PS3 Fanboi’s will be ranting and raving about the article screaming “another one for Sony”, and the there will be x360 fanboi’s defending their consoles dignity and right to be the king of Next Gen. there will be blood …. lot’s of blood

  • well PS3 also has rumble dualshock, PSN and the thropie system is comming, as well as home… and its free…

    evilredzombie’s last blog post..Asta La Vista 3rd party

  • abe

    Lazy the article doesnt just state that the ps3 is taking over, but rather that the current dual platform games are already better on the ps3.
    Now a few things, I read this artice before the MS rebuttle and I find it amusing that MS feel the need to write into an independant reviewer to argue there case. I see it as the ultimate in fanboyism. Can you imagine if every company did this everytime someone announced they preferred another product?
    The thing I find most interesting about the article however is that the PSN clearly trumps over live. Something I would never have expected as Live is largely regarded as the much better sevice, or is it?

  • Fox1

    Assassins Creed:
    “This isn’t to say the game’s a stuttering mess on PlayStation 3; on the contrary, it still looks fantastic. But you’ll notice minor slowdown when moving the camera in crowded areas and the lighting isn’t nearly as appealing. Overall, the Xbox 360 version just looks better”

    What is up with this guy? He contradicts his headline with that extract.

  • doobiwan

    Abe, if Microsoft themselves rebut it, it’s not fanboyism. 😉

    Frankly the article is written as complete flamebait and contradicts about 80% of what been written about these games elsewhere. Firstly, the poster obviously isn’t aware that the “integrated online” in BP is identical on both console, as in “there are comparison clips on the net demonstrating so”. That’s ignoring things like cross game invites, X-game voice chat, achievements etc etc, he’s kidding himself. CoD4? please, again, he’s cluelessly unaware that PS3 games are also peer hosted, but unlike XBL they need “dedicated servers” to host matchmaking.

    In all honesty to try and hand “victory” to either version of those games is an insult to IW and Criterion.

    And DMC – controller preference is such a subjective thing, once again, it’s an absolute insult to Capcom to insinuate that either version is in any way inferior.

  • Burns ZA

    The article is shameful.
    Just look the COD 4 comparison:
    1) The 360 control is better suited
    2) Camera movement smoother and faster on the 360
    3) Xbox Live shows more information of the lobby status
    4) Pathces required for the PS3 version to play online. (apparantly this is untrue but lets humour the author)
    5) The PS3 uses server based hosting which is better than peer based hosting on the 360. (nonsense as they are both p2p)

    Okay, so the author finds only 5 differences between the PS 3 and the 360 in the game. Four of the five favour the 360.
    The Joke: He claims the PS3 version to be superior.
    This article lacks credibility. It shouldn’t be given anymore airtime.

  • Milesh Bhana ZA

    This has got to be one of the weirdest articles i’ve read in awhile. When he goes through the points, he’s being more or less right (COD article aside) and unbiased, then he draws the conclusion out of nowhere. It’s a different person wrote the article and the conclusions. Weird.

    Despite that, the general jist of the article was simply that PS3 ports are no longer inferior. The are equal now, perhaps slightly better in some cases (Burnout), and it’s a good sign for PS3 owner that developers like Criterion and Infinity Ward have finally learnt to use the PS3 better.

  • I think companies are leaning over to the ps3 as their primary for developement, because once its ready, they just click the “port to xbox360” button and its ready. lol.

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