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Microsoft Opens e3: COD Advanced Warfare Gameplay Shown

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Its finally here, e3 is off with a bang! Last year Microsoft decided to kick off with Metal Gear Solid. This year though? Looks like we are getting some Call of Duty Advanced Warfighter to kick things off. Call of Duty often receives criticism, spewing out a new iteration each year without fail. This version is set to shake things up a little though, taking place in the future. What does this mean? More pew pew action, but with some interesting additions thanks to the futuristic setting.

The gameplay demonstration kicks off with a drop ship dumping the protagonist and generic war buddies into the thick of things. Paying close attention shows off some of the new game mechanics that we will be getting. The player takes a jump downward from a crazy height, something which would surely result in a splattered corpse. Some sort of jet booster action slows his vecolity shortly before he hits the bottom. This same mechanic is shown in combat too, where a quick sideward dodge is used to evade enemy fire. Weapons are shiny and futuristic too. Like laser beams? It looks like there is a new laser rifle of sorts, perfect for zapping a hole through the enemy. A grenade is thrown too, not before being set to suit the situation. The demonstration shows the player setting it to “smart” before throwing it. The grenade homes in on enemies, making quick work of them.

I’m honestly not the biggest COD fan, but it does look like there are some worthy additions and changes taking place in this iteration. Will it be any good? Lets wait and see.

Last Updated: June 9, 2014


  1. It really reminded me of a poor man’s Killzone. I can only hope that Call of Dooty dies this year.


  2. Ryanza

    June 9, 2014 at 20:35

    The game looked so dull, so bland, so boring. But is to be expected from a COD game.


  3. Tulipdame

    June 9, 2014 at 21:29

    I will be getting it once it hits a decent sale. Still too busy with Ghosts


  4. Big Red

    June 10, 2014 at 06:05

    WTF – Cod is officially done. havn’t purchased a cod since MW2, glad i havn’t. 2 things about COD AW – 1. WTF did i just watch. i saw halo drop pods, sentinels from the matrix movies, Titanfall Robots, What are you trying to be call of duty. you have completely forgot the game you started out as. a great ww2 shooter with fun multiplayer. you raised the bar with MW. after that its just been downhill year after year. for gods sake, just remake COD 2 and MW on 1 disc. old fans would play that. it’s sad that your game was overshadowed by a orgianl xbox game thats 10 years old. 2. Homing grenades, see through wall guns, heat sensors, homing missle kill streaks. why not just put auto aim in the multiplayer and then all the cod fans can argue who’s auto aim bot is the best.


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