Microsoft posts first NXE stats – It's working well for them

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Microsoft has just posted some of the first statistics since the NXE was released and it appears that the NXE has been a very good move, financially at least.

The number of new friends added has risen by 33% which is being put down to the new party system, while this has no immediate benefit it will obviously entice people to keep their memberships valid which in turn means more money for Microsoft.

As for direct income, TV downloads are up 30% and movie downloads are up a massive 49%. UNO has experience a 635% increase in downloads since it started including avatars in it’s latest version.

The other Avatar enabled game, A Kingdom for Keflings (great game) has also recorded the second biggest arcade opening to date.

So all in all the NXE is working well for Microsoft, now how about that 1 of 100 game you promised us all?

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: December 11, 2008

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