Microsoft is ready to embrace “migration of gaming off the console”

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There have been rumours swirling about for aeons that Microsoft wanted to remove itself from the console race. Investors have long called for the company to ditch the Xbox, or at least spin it off – an idea that Bill Gates supported. In spite of those calls the company has reaffirmed its commitment to the Xbox brand.

More recently though, it does very much seem that Microsoft is trying to leverage Xbox as a platform rather than push it as a consoles. The unifying of Windows and Xbox services and the introduction of Play Anywhere certainly seems to suggest that Microsoft is looking to take their games off of dedicated consoles – and instead focus on Xbox as a non hardware-specific brand.

Could that happen? It’s certainly possible – and it’s something Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter thinks may be in the future. Here’s what he said about it, speaking to Gaming Bolt.

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“No, I think Microsoft is going to try to build this transition from console to PC. And I think Microsoft will probably come up with a set of products that will play games, whether you own a console or not. Every Xbox game made by them is already on both, Xbox One and Windows 10. And I think they will start publishing games that will be playable on, and downloadable to, a Surface Pro. I think Microsoft is ready to embrace the migration of gaming off the console, to devices that people already own, and that would expand the market for software.

“I think Microsoft would like to host it- they would like to host the multiplayer, and run the store for downloading software. So I actually think that they have the right approach, because the money is not in selling the hardware, running the software, the money is in running online services and offering a storefront. So be like Apple, where you make money on the iTunes Store. And I think that’s what Microsoft would like to be for the world.”

This is, of course all speculation, but I certainly see that being the direction Microsoft is heading towards.

Last Updated: November 7, 2016

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