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Microsoft refuses Motorola’s offer

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The Microsoft and Motorola (owned by Google) court case is becoming one of the biggest corporate battles in history with the Google owned Motorola destroying Microsoft in every court their patent argument spills into but with Microsoft apparently refusing to back down no matter the cost.

According to a Seattle judge the lawyers fee’s in this worldwide patent argument that stretches from Seattle to Germany to the ITC could finance a small country and while Microsoft appears to have lost all it’s court cases it doesn’t look like this argument is anywhere near complete yet.

According to the latest news Microsoft has rejected a settlement offer from Motorola where they were asking for 2.25% of each Xbox sale and $0.50 per copy of Windows sold.

Microsoft is saying this is exorbitant and that it would cost them upwards of $4 Billion per year.

It seems now that Microsoft has pretty much admitted to violating the patents and is now simply trying to get away with the lowest financial penalty they can muster, either that or they are planning on keeping Motorola in court for another year or two by which time the Xbox 360 will be leaving the market and they can then accept the 2.25% offer as they won’t actually be selling them anymore.

It’s still theoretically possible that Microsoft could be forced to stop selling the Xbox 360 until a settlement is reached which would quickly force Microsoft to agree to pretty much any terms that were placed in front of it.

We’ll keep an eye on this and let you know if your console is about to become a limited edition.

Last Updated: June 22, 2012

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