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Microsoft to buy the PlayStation brand?

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Microsoft to buy the PlayStation

Lets get something straight right away, I am not a fan of the one console future that certain large companies and fans have been talking about.

I honestly think a single console future is one of the worst possible options out there but that being said… if we were going to go for a one console future how is this for an idea?

Don Reisinger, a journalist over at CNET, has been discussing quite the quite odd possibility that Microsoft may make an offer for the Sony Gaming Division as a whole.

And when you look at it it’s not the most ridiculous idea in the world. The gaming division used to be a huge money spinner for Sony but so far in this generation it has been a leech on the company and even though it has just managed to turn a profit, it is still a far way off becoming a really profitable part of the company.

Think about it from the perspective of the Sony shareholders, if Microsoft came now and offered them a truck load of cash for the licensing rights and also offered them 40% of all future royalties and that the PlayStation brand would stay alive… do you think they may think about it?

Source: CNET

Last Updated: August 6, 2008

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