Microsoft to release Xbox 360 2.0 and Natal for R2000?

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The Pach (Michael Pachter) has been gazing into his crystal ball once more and this time he has picked out an idea that I (nearly) also expect to happen.

Apparently he is expecting Microsoft to bundle a Project Natal device with a new version of the Xbox 360 and then sell it for exactly the same price as the current Xbox 360 Elite.

Personally I think he is half right, I honestly expect Microsoft to bundle a Project Natal device with every single Xbox 360 version on the market for the exact same price we are paying now.

By the time November rolls around it will be time for Microsoft to once again cut the price of it’s console and what better marketing technique is there than bundling extra goodies with the console instead of dropping the price.

For us poor suckers who have a 360 already the expect price for a standalone Project Natal is still between $50 and $100 with a local price expected to be in the R600-R900 range.

Expect all the details to be released at E3 this year.

Source: The Independent

Last Updated: April 16, 2010

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