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Microsoft to show its gaming focus at E3

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We’ve already talked about Phil spencer being appointed the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, which we think could be quite a good thing for the company. As the most games-centric guy on staff, he could be just the guy to turn Xbox’s faltering image around. The newly promoted Spencer has said that games are his focus, and that this year’s E3 wll be Microsoft’s best in a long, long time.

"With me you’re going to get a focus on gaming first and a best platform to play games on," Spencer told Polygon. "It’s not a focus we ever lost but it’s one I’ll be accentuating at Microsoft. It’s really going to be a gaming-led focus with Xbox and my new role allows us to execute on that."

While Microsoft’s focus on the living room isn’t going away, spencer say’s he’s been listening to consumers, and what they want most is games.

"I see the conversation focusing more on the games: what new IP we are investing in, what’s going on in Japan, what are we doing with Halo," Spencer said. "It’s my job to make sure the best content shows up there… maybe a mix of things we’re bringing back from the past, like Killer Instinct, which was very successful, as well as new IPs, like Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive and other things we haven’t announced yet.

Spencer said that the most requested game happens to be Shenmue, SEGA’s unfinished Dreamcast game – something he’s calling "The big Shenmue contingency." If Microsoft does finish up Shenmue, they could turn the tide. that would be some pretty ultimate gamer wish fulfilment

Spencer promises that Microsoft has "the best lineup of content in a long time" planned for this year’s E3, with more on the way for the Xbox brand.

Xbox seems to be in the right hands, and Spencer certainly exudes that far more than Don “the Jacket” Mattrick ever did. While Sony’s PlayStation 4 is the console darling right now, the generation has only just begun.

Last Updated: April 1, 2014

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