Microsoft wants their new CEO to kill off Xbox

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Sic semper Xbox!

The higher up you are in your career, the more pressure you’ll find waiting for you. And when it comes to Microsoft, new CEO Satya Nadella is going to find a ton of that waiting for him as the company once again gets down to the business of making even more money than ever. Except the Xbox Division might not be around to see all that cash flow back to the home of Windows.

According to the Washington Post,”Two influential Microsoft shareholders” want to convince Nadella to help shed the company of divisions seen as unnecessary, such as Surface, Bing and Xbox.

This comes after Windows profits have seen a drop, from the $12.3 billion to $9.5 billion over the last year. These investors are seeking to get Microsoft focused on providing operating software to businesses, instead of branching out in various other sectors.

The Surface tablet has pretty much been a disaster for Microsoft, sucking up too much time and cash and costing the company over $900 million so far in unsold tablets. But shedding Xbox? That’d be one hell of a move to make, as the brand is such a key part of Microsoft now.

It’s a division that brings it closer to consumers, and for better or worse, can make it some decent profits when managed correctly. Surface and Bing I can understand, but Xbox? Never. Former CEOs Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates are still with Microsoft, with Ballmer acting as an advisor to Nadella.

And seeing how Ballmer helped Microsoft become a more diverse company, I doubt that he’d advise in favour of selling off the Xbox division. Then again, profits!

Last Updated: February 11, 2014

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