Microsoft XBL Christmas Crash – Will it happen again?

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Hopefully not. It seems that Microsoft have taken a lot of steps to ensure that last year’s crash doesn’t happen again.

With the price of consoles dropping, the release of the NXE as well as the upcoming holiday period, Live is set to take a ton of weight onto its shoulders but Microsoft say that they are prepared.

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenburg had the following statements to say regarding the possibility of another crash.

“We’ve built a lot of infrastructure, a lot of behind the curtain no one sees”

“We will have people standing by, more people on hand than we’ve ever had before,” he said. “Knock on wood we will hopefully not have any issues.”

“We are well prepared for the type of growth we expect this holiday.”

I seriously hope so because it always seems that no matter how prepared companies are, they always get a larger surprise than they thought.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: December 11, 2008

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