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Microsoft’s sold 57 million Xbox 360s

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If you’ve ever wondered why gaming’s such big business these days, consider this: Microsoft’s confirmed the company’s sold more than 57 million 360’s since the console launched in 2005. That, in case large number escape your grasp, is a heck of a lot of consoles.

Here’s what Xbox’s Major Nelson had to say :

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Sony recently announced that it’s sold through 56 million PS3’s – further decreasing the gap between the two console’s lifetime to date sales. I won’t bring up the claim that the number includes the many, many, many Xbox’s that failed and were replaced by new units – mostly because I’ve had as many PS3’s die on me as 360’s. All considered? I’d say they’re pretty close in terms of sales, which is good news for Sony, as the PS3 launched a year after the 360, and initially struggled to sell thanks to its ludicrously high price.

What’s for more interesting is that there have been over a hundred million HD consoles sold – which means a heck of a lot of people are playing video games, and it’s easy to see how and why our favourite pass-time has eclipsed music and movies in terms of revenue. Coupled with the fact that the Wii has sold nearly 100 million units on its own, gaming is big business indeed.

Last Updated: November 7, 2011

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