Midway developer getting confused

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Mike Bilder from Midway has been making some strange claims in an interview.

He is basically saying that all games should be made for the PS3 first and then ported down to the Xbox 360 and PC… Making the PS3 the lead platform..

So why is this a strange claim? Well because Midway are the guys who cannot seem to develop anything decent for the PS3 without whining to the media about the difficulties involved or complaining about how third party software (Unreal Engine) doesn’t work on the PS3…

Personally this looks like a sad attempt at winning some favour back with Sony.

Please note this is not an attack on the PS3 it is an attack on Midway, if they finally figure out how to get a PS3 game out on time and running well then they can start looking at the PS3 as the lead platform… 

Midway developer endorses PS3 as lead platform | PS3 News | GamePro.com

Last Updated: November 1, 2007

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