Midway still struggling with PS3 development

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I think it is about time that whoever is in charge of PS3 development at Midway starts looking for a new job. Yet another story has hit the internet today claiming that Blacksite on the PS3 is still being plagued with development troubles.

Midway are blaming it on the Unreal Engine, which is the same excuse they used for Stranglehold and Unreal Tournament being delayed. However that excuse is starting to become a little thin since Ubisoft has managed to ship a few decent PS3 games utilising the Unreal Engine now.

If any of you PS3 fans were looking forward to Blacksite: Area 51 then by the look of it you will have to wait a little longer and then still end up with a sub-360 game as they are not going to be including voice chat in the PS3 version. 

PS3 Blacksite plagued with development trouble, says insider

Last Updated: October 25, 2007

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