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Milking champions Capcom charging for cheats?

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By now, we’ve already established that Capcom’s the undisputed champion of milking. while Activision may insist that there’s a new Call of Duty every year, and Ubisoft seems to be going the same way with Assassin’s Creed, there’s no denying that both are excellent, quality driven franchises….and they’ve never done anything quite like this.

Capcom has released two DLC packs for Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (Itself a shameless re-release of an older game with a slight twist) that add stuff that used to be free in games.

You should, as a gamer, be familiar with cheat codes. You’ll probably recall thumbing your way through a gaming magazine – before the days of the blessed internet – for a list of controller input combinations that would grant you enhanced abilities. The Most famous of those would probably be “The Konami Code” which gave you 30 lives in Contra, and has since been used in all sorts of games and easter eggs. Achievements and Trophies have mostly put an end to in-game cheats, but that doesn’t mean Capcom can’t charge real money for them!

Yup, the GameBreaker DLC for Off The Record adds things like God mode, infinite weapon durability, super damage, giant heads, other body deformations and random other changes that would have been enabled through a hidden menu in the past – but now you get to  pay for em. The “Gamebreaker” DLC costs just $5, or 400 MS Points.

The second bit of completely shameful DLC is the Fireman skills Pack, which adds a Fireman’s suit, invulnerability to fire, increased speed and  a couple of other random cheats. It’s on sale for $1.99 or just 160 MS Points. Bargain!

Last Updated: November 9, 2011

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