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Have a Far Cry 5 Weekend on Ubisoft

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I’m baaaaack….

Geez…bugs are sneaky but stupid. I still feel like warmed up Gouda, but anyway…

It turns out that Ubisoft is making one of its best-selling titles free to play on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Stadia from 5 August to 8 August, according to their Twitter tweetaroo:

If you feel three days is not enough, there is no reason to haggle, as Far Cry 5 has an 87% discount on the PS Digital Store for the base game, and an 80% discount for the Gold Edition for PS Plus subscribers. On the Microsoft store, its 85% off for the base game, and 80% off for the Gold Edition.

Ubisoft is not disclosing a reason for their generosity, but methinks it has something to do with Far Cry 6 releasing on 7 October.

Far Cry 5 is a gem of a game. I have this problem where I instantly install it and don my mullet when I hear the theme music. The sequel, Far Cry New Dawn, was also loads of fun.

I’m not convinced rushing through the game in a weekend is the way to get the most fun out of it, but give it a go! I enjoy taking my time with Far Cry games, as there is a lot of exploring to do and nut jobs to shoot.

Have fun in Montana, and don’t forget to pet Boomer, Cheeseburger and Peaches.

Last Updated: August 4, 2021


  1. This is an excellent game. I actually overcame my First person induced nausea to play this game.


  2. HvR

    August 5, 2021 at 07:51

    Last one I played was 3 so going to try it out for the free days. If only to play with the bark bark nom nom


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