Million selling games by Console – 2nd Season

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Back in January I took a look at which consoles had the most games to have sold over a million units.

At that time the Xbox 360 was easily the top console in this regards but has anything changed since then?

Luckily for me VGChartz now has a tab that sorts this out for me so I don’t have to trawl through the sales charts anymore.

For me the number of million sellers by console is the clearest indication of which console has the better games and greater following. While the Wii is the absolute undisputed leader in regards to hardware sales the same cannot be said for software.

In the previous generation the PlayStation was easily the top console for gaming with the Xbox 1 and Gamecube tying for second place.

So onto the figures…

Playstation 3
The Playstation has had to play catch up as the 360 launched over a year before and this has to be taken in consideration. However it has also been in the wild for coming on 18 months now and only has 10 game which have sold over a million units. What is even worse is that 2 of those are mainly bundled games (Motorstorm and Resistance 2).

Actually the only non bundled Playstation exclusive to break the million barrier has been Uncharted which is a first party game and has moved 1.39 million units.

Result: Must try harder

Nintendo Wii
The Wii has taken the world by storm and has outsold it’s competitors month on month all over the planet since it was launched. However one of the biggest criticisms levelled against the Wii is that it doesn’t have any games, strange then that is knocked the PS3 into last spot in this race.

The Wii since launch has 22 games which have broken the million barrier, obviously two of it’s games are heavily bundled (Wii Sports & Wii Play) but that still leaves them with 20 unbundled games.

However 13 of those 22 are published by Nintendo which leaves them with the old problem of not getting enough third party buy in.

Result: Very good but needs to broaden it’s horizons

Xbox 360
Which brings us to the current undisputed leader in gaming sales. The Xbox 360 now has 35 games which have sold over a million. The bundled games for the Xbox have been different worldwide but in general they have bundled the following: Forza 2, Dead or Alive 4, Viva Pinata and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. All of which are now million sellers which brings their pure total down to 31. Way more than anyone else

What is even better for Microsoft is that in the last gen they only managed 38 titles overall so they are obviously going to be overtaking that very shortly.

There is a downside however, over the past 3 months they have only added 4 titles to this esteemed list which is the only downside to this current trend.

Result: Well done, keep up the good work

So that’s it, I hope you enjoyed this edition and just for you I have put together a pretty chart for those to lazy to read the entire article.

  Last Gen Now January
Xbox 38 35 31
Nintendo 38 22 16
PlayStation 205 10 7 | Worldwide Million Sellers

Last Updated: April 2, 2008

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