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Those who have been following me on twitter must now know that my kids have become obsessed with Minecraft. It’s all they seem to want to do now and I spend half my parenting life trying to get them to go outside and swim or something… I’ve become my mother.

They’ve also become obsessed with YouTube posters who post all about minecraft mods and maps, what has really surprised me though is the number of hits and subscribers these guys have who’s entire job now consists of playing Minecraft and making video’s.

Some of their favourites are

So now my kids are planning on becoming rich and famous playing minecraft and have launched their own channel, Girls in Minecraft with a whopping 3 subscribers..

You can check out their first video in the channel below

And here is the video they made of the statues they made of their favourite YouTubers.

So do we have anyone else in the community addicted to minecraft? Who are your favourite YouTuber’s and would you be interested in seeing more minecraft reviews and mods?

Also does anyone know any South African Minecraft YouTubers?

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Last Updated: January 2, 2014

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