Minecraft developer receives death threats for taking down a pirate server

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I’d love to see how the legions of filthy pirates are going to defend this one? Everytime we post a story insulting piracy or blaming it for the problems it causes we get inundated with idiotic facts about how piracy is good for the industry.

Well now Notch, the developer behind the phenomenal Minecraft, yesterday asked someone running a pirate server and giving away free copies of Minecraft to cease and desist.

The person has agreed to shut down the server, it’s hard not to when the developer of the game you are stealing asks you directly, and everything seemed to be going fine.

And then today Notch tweets out the following

I’ve received several death threats after the site giving out Minecraft for free shut down. That is seriously not cool

He followed it up to say they seem to be mainly from kids and that he isn’t actually worried about his safety, but seriously people that’s no cool.

The Internet has let me down today

Last Updated: April 13, 2012

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