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Sonic the Hedgehog DLC now available in Minecraft

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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog, the Blue Blur will be making a guest appearance in a rather unlikely game. Starting from today, players will be able to purchase the Sonic the Hedgehog DLC pack from the Minecraft Marketplace. While skeptics may be quick to write this off as just another silly skin pack, from what I can tell it looks like some effort has been put into this DLC bundle. The expansion features several procedurally generated courses based on some of Sonic’s more iconic levels, like Green Hills Zone and Chemical Plant Zone. Given the similar blocky aesthetic of older Sonic games, it actually fits really well!

Even better than a few mechanically authentic stages, players will also be able to play as Minecraft versions of their favourite characters. These aren’t just skins either, they come equipped with their original moves and abilities. Sonic has a dash attack, Tails can glide short distances, and Amy even comes equipped with a huge mallet. Additionally, the new skins in the game take many existing Minecraft elements and warp them to function like a Sonic game. Speed boosts, robotic enemies, and, best of all, rings have all been included. By all accounts, it seems like an authentic celebration.


Players who don’t purchase the DLC pack will still have a chance to unlock a Sonic the Hedgehog character creator. They can do this by joining The Hive’s special server event which will also include a variety of unique mini-games for players to try. It seems like a really cool little bundle, and the intersection of Sonic fans and Minecraft fans (which I’m assuming is rather large), will no doubt be stoked to give it a whirl.

Last Updated: June 23, 2021

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