Minecraft Monday: Did you win a copy of Minecraft?

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So last week we showed you how awesome our Minecraft server was coming along and gave you the chance to win your very own copy of Minecraft thanks to our Minecraft admin, Gareth Bockel

But what’s even more amazing is that another member of our Minecraft community, Hennie ‘Grimthwacker’ Roodt saw what Gareth was offering and decided to double down and offer a Minecraft key of his own.

So the winner chosen at random from last week’s comments is



Congrats and I want to see you put that key to good use by building something epic on the Lazygamer Minecraft Server.

Check what the community has done in the last week and leave us a comment below to gain an entry into this week’s competition to win your very own copy of this massively addictive game.

Lighthouse maybe Inside iglooIgloo Destinations 2Destinations 1 BulbaTrain Station Grim Theme park stationRinces old island Rinces new islandRince new island far Ottokie and ViperNew theme park ride New spawnNew spawn 2

Poor Rince… apparently he died in the last week which is unfortunate. Maybe he needs to get a copy of the game to renew our belief in him?

So there you go if you want your construction to be famous then make sure you join in on the fun by connecting to minecraft.lazygamer.net:25655

As always a big thanks to Astral Servers for sponsoring this server for our community

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Last Updated: March 24, 2014

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