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miNt Gaming Launched

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Mint Gaming Clan

Mint Gaming is the newest entrant into South Africa’s professional gaming leagues, we here at Lazygamer are happy to announce that we are sponsoring them as much as possible at this time and hope to see some good things coming from them.

I know at the moment they are looking for a COD4 team to join their ranks so if you think you have what it takes head on over to www.mintgaming.co.za and offer your services.

Check after the break for their first press release and hopefully we will hear some good things about them in 2009


miNt Gaming has been established with the hopes that we may provide steady competition, release informative news, create a friendly environment and help further South African gaming which has been growing steadily thanks to the top gaming teams of today. Currently we have a Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2 and DotA team and a Quake 3 player.

Counter-Strike Team:
Daniel ‘merc‘ Balusik
Kline ‘w1domaka‘ Moralee
Shane ‘[email protected]‘ Woolley
Roberto ‘Cha0tiX‘ Rocha
Timothy ‘Kr1mZoN‘ Woolley
Jp ‘vader‘ De Villiers

Team Fortress 2 Team:
Matthew ‘xMATTx‘ Nothard
David ‘rApidblue‘ Fletcher
Rob ‘Bobalas‘ Scott
Nico ‘SKiLLPiG‘ Fouché
Luke ‘Alecto‘ Korte
James ‘b4rk‘ Nothard

DotA Team:
James ‘sLoJ‘ Watson
Nathan ‘swisS‘ Odell
Wazeer ‘Waz maC‘ Kamdar
Abdur-Rahim ‘mrasssman‘ Kamdar
Nicholas ‘Lemon-Grass‘ Heymans
Harry ‘sAgie‘ Frauenstein

Quake 3 Team:
Nick ‘bluNt‘ Wilkins

We would like to thank Gavin Mannion and his team from LazyGamer and Nick Romarin from NGR Computers as well as Dawid "Aquilla" Steyn for helping us to get the site up and running.

The site is still new and we will start rolling out the news as soon as possible, covering both local and international news and events that we think may spark your interest.

We would really appreciate your support as we try and grow as a team and help further the South African Gaming Community.

The miNt.Gaming Team

Last Updated: December 17, 2008

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