miNt Gaming takes on BOTC v5 – Report from the front

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The Intel Battle Of The Clans v5 is here! Having done fairly well for their first big online tournament in BOTC v4, the miNt Gaming organisation is ready to take the competition head on this time. The Counter-Strike: Source team managed to make it to the top 8, placing 7th overall, unfortunately having some line-up troubles at the time.

The Call of Duty 4 competition was hotly contested, unfortunately the team did not manage to make it through the group stages and was forced to play in the Intermediate stage. Also having some line-up difficulties the team persisted and was able to pull a first place overall.

This time round with their new line-ups, the miNt Gaming teams seem to be stronger then ever. The Counter-Strike: Source team has recruited two former 1.6 players, and rumour has it another one of the ex zE (zero Effect) could be joining the team. Having shown strong performances in friendly matches the team could very well surprise everyone and pull a top 3 finish. The Counter-Strike: Source team will start its campaign on Thursday 6th of August.

For those of you who would like to watch the team in action, you may connect to the following ip by typing “connect” in your Counter-Strike: Source console. The miNt team will be facing the likes of asceNt and old school Team71, the first game will begin at around 8pm.

*Please note you will need an original version of the game to spectate.

Although the Call of Duty 4 team has gone through many line-up changes recently they seem to have found a line-up that has not only proven to be stable but deadly as well. The teams BOTC campaign has already started, with their first match against BFB Lard (the strongest team in their group), they managed to pip them 13-11 on mp_district, match info can be found here.

The team then went on to face UBS.AK who have also proven to be quite a strong team at times, but the new and improved miNt lineup proved too much for them, miNt winning the match 15-9 on mp_citystreets, match info can be found here. The teams last game of the group stages was against Segment Gaming, one of the newer Multi Gaming Organisations on the block. Segments lack of experience showed, resulting in a 4-20 loss on mp_crossfire to the unstoppable miNt Gaming team, match info can be found here.

The team now sits at the top of the log in their group, advancing through to the double elimination stages. Unfortunately they will have to face Brazen, who have been marked by many as the best team in the country. During the double elimination stages for both the Counter-Strike: Source and Call of Duty 4 competitions there will be shout casting (commentating) on TeamSpeak.

BOTC v5 will prove a great tool in helping the team train for rAge, later this year. For more information on the teams progress, local clan and gaming news head over to the miNt Gaming website –

*miNT Gaming is officially sponsored by Lazygamer and competes in the local (South African) gaming leagues.

Last Updated: August 3, 2009

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