Mirror’s Edge Catalyst shows what changes to make Faith a hero

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Mirror s Edge GC

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst starts with Faith as a carefree runner. Experience her transformation into becoming a hero. She is stubborn and unwilling to go back on her mission, even in the face of dire danger. That is what makes Faith a unique hero. And the fact that she’s a woman, obviously.

In the early mission shown, we are able to see the unique way that Faith will traverse the city, as well as the various collectibles scattered around the environment. The first person perspective certainly looks a lot smoother than we might have expected, even as the field of view changes depending on her interaction with the various areas.

We also get a clue about other threats to Faith and her group in some early story exposition. Most interesting is how Faith uses her environment and momentum in order to fight off enemies. She can climb and maneuver as she swings and slams into opponents. Here, you can watch it for yourself:

Last Updated: August 5, 2015

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