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Mists of Pandaria: So it begins, again

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Last night was the official launch of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria and I missed it. I’ll tell you a little story to explain why.

My weekend was pretty much just filled with playing WoW, levelling my shaman and awaiting the launch of Mists of Pandaria. As I pre-ordered the expansion digitally, it was already pre-loaded and ready to go!

A couple of hours before the launch I logged in with my 85’s which I haven’t played with in a while and jammed some Hour of Twilight instances to try and remember how to play the classes again. It went pretty smooth apart from wiping the party in the first 30 seconds with my resto druid as I couldn’t remember what the crap my key bindings were :3 but never the less, released my spirit and what do ya know, healed the rest of the instance like a baws! Satisfied that I was ready for anything Pandaria had to throw at me, I peacefully went back to levelling my shaman. I wanted to stay logged in to avoid any server queue and so I did, after dinner, I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air, and by fresh air, I mean a Marlboro.

When I got back, my-very-excited-to-become-a-gamer five year-old son had exited the game. This put me about over 1500th in the queue to get back on the server. I persevered the torturing 20 minutes and was just so relieved when I got back in. I carried on jamming and just my luck… 23:33, just under a half an hour before the launch I disconnect. I didn’t think I could survive a second time. I relogged and got put back in the queue. Estimated time in queue: 115 minutes. *Switch off PC, go to bed.*

So, that is the story of me missing the launch and unable to tell you anything about it, I will however make a little video of the starting quest this eve! In the mean time, here’s a video of Francis returning to World of Warcraft. For all the haters out there, Francis is just a character played by Boogie2988, so please don’t tell me about how he takes games way to seriously and looses his stuff 😛

Last Updated: September 25, 2012

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