Modern Warfare 2 – Xbox 360 vs PS3 Comparison

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If you are an avid fan then you have already completed the campaign of Modern Warfare 2 and a graphical comparison to help you choose which version to buy is a bit late now but if you are on of those hard workers who will be picking up a copy on your way home then this is for you.

LensOfTruth has picked up a copy of each game and subjected them to indepth graphical and performance testing to see which version is better.

First up we have the load times, generally the load times of either platform are not an issue as the story covers up the loading with mission briefings and you will only notice the load times if you are trying to replay a mission and skipping the mission briefing.


The Xbox 360 was faster to load on each occasion and on one test it was a full 15 seconds faster than the PS3 which is substantial.

Next up is the all important performance or frames per second, they tested 9 separate clips and the PS3 came up tops in one of those clips while the Xbox 360 took the other 8 and ended with a global FPS of 57.31 compared to PS3’s 53.73.

Neither platform had any frame tear at all.


Last up we have the graphics and once again the Xbox 360 reigned supreme coming out tops in each comparison mainly due to it’s blooming ability.

I have pasted some screenshots from as TheLensofTruth sometimes gets overloaded when it posts these comparisons but I do recommend clicking through to see the full results and comparison images.


All in all the Xbox 360’s supremacy was not enough to make you pick up a 360 version if your friends are all on the PSN but the fanboys won’t let this one go quickly.

Source: TheLensOfTruth

Last Updated: November 10, 2009

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