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Molyneux says the world just wasn’t ready for Milo

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In 2009 at E3, we got a glimpse of the sort of experiences that would redefine gaming as we knew it. that was when Microsoft debuted Kinect, their camera-based motion-control system from the future. It was shown off with a mind-blowing demo of Milo and Kate, a demo of a future title featuring an AI boy the player would interact with. the demo got people excited – and then, somewhere along the line, Project milo got canned.

The reason for its cancellation wasn’t t its ambition or that the technology wasn’t capable, says the former Lionhead Boss Peter Molyneux – it’s that the industry just wasn’t ready for it.

“The problem with Milo wasn’t the ambition,” said Molyneux, speaking to VG247. “It wasn’t the ambition or the technology; it was none of that. I just don’t think that this industry is ready for something as emotionally connecting as something like Milo.

“The real problem with Milo, and this is a problem we had lots of meetings over, was where it would be on the shelves next to all the computer games. It was just the wrong thing. It was the wrong concept for what this industry currently is. Maybe this industry one day won’t be like that, but at this particular time, having a game that celebrates the joy of inspiring something and you feel this connection, this bond; it was the wrong time for that,” he said. “Maybe we’ll revisit that later on.”

Later on? When the industry’s ready, and not the technology right?

Molyneux’s last game for Lionhead is Fable: The Journey, an absolutely-not-on-rail Kinect experience set in the Fable universe. It features much of the technology that drove Milo and Kate, apparently.

“There was a lot of technology that was in Milo that’s now in The Journey, but it’s just not this delightful celebration of youth,” Molyneux said.

Last Updated: March 15, 2012

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