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Moral choices changing the weather and environment? Now that sounds awesome

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So tell me this, what do you think of a game that changes it’s weather, day/night patterns and environment depending on your moral choices in the game?

If you are heartless and don’t mind killing innocent civilians then your city (imagine Liberty City) would become more depressing and covered in graffiti while your days become shorter and nights become longer. If you keep going you will notice less friendly inhabitants and it will appear to rain more and more until you are stuck in a dull, damp, grimy city.

However if you protect the innocents and take out the bad guys with minimum force then the days will lengthen, it will generally be sunny and the bad parts of the city will start being renovated and cleaned up. The dodgy criminals will be replaced with happy families walking dogs and all will be good in the world.

So does this sound like an intriguing idea to you? It didn’t to a bunch of game producers all over the world when Midway Newcastle pitched the idea (Necessary Force) to them in July.

Unfortunately no one took them up on the idea and as such the studio was canned and with it the last remaining part of the Midway enterprise.

It’s never nice to see companies going under but it’s even worse when you feel they had a good idea on their hands.

For an indepth look into the last moments of Midway Newcastle head on over to here and read about the last days of Midway from a developers points of view.

Last Updated: August 5, 2009

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