More Crackdown 2 Information – still not sold on the infected idea

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Talk about coincidence, earlier I reported on how Just Cause 2 looked a little like Crackdown and now some real Crackdown news is unveiled.

Though I have to say that I am not entirely convinced that this infected city idea is a good direction for Crackdown to be heading in. According to the newly released information Crackdown 2 will feature 2 rival gangs.

You and your super soldier buddies will be holed up in the agency tower while the Cell are controlling the city outside, well as much as they can with the rest of the city being infected and blood thirsty creatures running around at night.

And it’s at this point that my eyes roll back and lose a lot of hope for this game, if the idea is to make us fear the sun going down and ensuring we rush back to our tower at nightfall (ala I Am Legend) then I am not looking forward to it. Crackdown was awesome because you were a super soldier that could take on anyone and anything, they better not mess with that.

The other information announced was that we would indeed have 4 player co-op, 16 player multi player and one of the new weapons landing in Liberty City is a UV shotgun that fires light… (so it’s a torch then?)

Oh and it’s going to have a COD4 styled progression system which helps claw back some of my excitement.

Last Updated: September 14, 2009

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Potty391

    “…new weapons landing in Liberty City is a UV…” Didn’t you mean to say Pacific City? You’ve been playing too much GTA 😀

  • 40insanefrogs

    Hang on didn’t I just play this game.. uhm.. Prototype?

  • Worm

    That’s it Lazy, keep it coming…at this rate this game is going to be the best of all time 😉

  • Puppystuffer

    Fudge I’m really so sick of zombies, infact I think I’m going to start boycotting games with zombies in them.

    Gamers against zmore zombies allover


  • RossiRSA

    Yeah because the zombies just ruined Left 4 Dead.

  • dewej

    shotgun that fires light… oooh, not the eyes.. :pinch:

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