More fuel to the Crytek/PS3 rumor fire | PlayStation Universe (PSU)

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 So it looks like this persitant rumour is about to be confirmed….

Is Crytek going to be bringing something to the PS3 very soon? I bet everyone is hoping it is going to be Crysis whic so far as won more awards than any unreleased game I have ever seen….

This game was rumoured to be to powerful for the Xbox 360 so if they get it working on the PS3 that would be a huge feather in the PS3’s cap….

I believe this game would be fantastic competition to Halo 3 being released later this year and would make the Christmas period very exciting between the two powerhouse consoles….

There is no concrete information guys, so calm down; however, when asked if they were working on any PS3 projects, the jovial German smiled knowingly and said “I really wish I could tell you more right now”, with his colleague adding “We are always working on lots of different things”.
These reactions are given depth by the news last july that Crytek was looking to hire a number of PS3 developers.

Source: More fuel to the Crytek/PS3 rumor fire | PlayStation Universe (PSU)

Last Updated: March 8, 2007

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