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More Mass Effect 3 details

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Mass Effect 3

We’ve got a lot of trilogies entering a conclusion soon. Gears of War and Uncharted will be adding the magic number 3 to the end of their titles. But the one franchise that has everyone excited has got be Mass Effect, the game that will finally end the massive intergalactic confrontation that’s been brewing in the previous two games over a number of years now. Hopefully a lot of dangling threads will be finally resolved, but the most important question is, just what the hell does Tali look like underneath that mask?

In an interview with executive producer Casey Hudson and Art Director Derek Watts on CVG, the duo unveiled some scant details on what players can expect next year from the blockbuster series.

On where Mass Effect 3 starts;

It’s a few months after the ending of Mass Effect 2. The DLC ‘Arrival’ is basically the last piece of story that bridges the two games. Admiral Hackett sends you to investigate this mass relay where the Reapers are going to make their entry point into the galaxy because their original plan – the Citadel – is closed off.

You have to sacrifice thousands of people in order to slam that door shut on the Reapers. So Shepard’s kind of stuck trying to explain all this stuff. But as you’re doing that the Reapers actually arrive and take the Earth.It’s not an alien invasion story where you’re fighting off the invasion; they are unstoppable, you narrowly escape, and your goal is to figure out how to rally the forces of the whole galaxy.

That’s what it’s going to take in order to return and take back the Earth.It’s kind of like ME2 where you’re building a team of twelve people, but here you’re building an entire army from across the galaxy.

Derek Watts on the artistic evolution of the franchise;

Art-wise the original Mass Effect’s levels worked really well but for gameplay they weren’t so good. We had a lot of raised platforms and areas you could get caught up in – stuff we should have fixed right from the beginning.

Because it was our first next-gen game we were actually thinking we were doing a really good job. It’s just the challenge of trying to make that first next-gen game was huge. Everybody else had issues too.

Getting used to the technology made it difficult for us. We wanted those wide open areas, those swooping curves, the grand vistas and stuff, but it was hard to do with that engine.

And on Tali finally revealing what’s underneath that mask;

We changed Tali—that was tough because people were very passionate about her. A lot of people want to have her face revealed and obviously people are going to be pissed off either way.

Like,I thought she was going to look beautiful, or I thought she was going to be the most hideous thing ever! So we’ve had a lot of debate over Tali’s face, but that’s the one we kind of dread a lot. We’re always, well let’s talk about something else for a while! That’s something we’re going to have to decide.

I’ve still got to replay the final mission on Mass Effect 2, because (SPOILERS), I winded up killing Tali in the maintenance ducts. She’s one of my favourite Normandy crew members, and I’ll be damned if she isn’t present for the final battle against the Reapers next year.

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Last Updated: July 4, 2011

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