More Mass Effect DLC on the way?

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Mass Effect PC - reviewed

Greg Zeschuk of Bioware has mentioned possible new DLC for Mass Effect whilst speaking with MTV, saying “We’re also looking at some other post-release content”.

I couldn’t wait for the first Mass Effect DLC “Bring Down the Sky” to be released, I went out and bought MS points and everything only to be let down by a really short and unimpressive little side mission that left me feeling like I had wasted my points.

It’s with this in mind that I am slightly sceptical about any more DLC that may be released.

When pushed further on the topic, he went on to say that:

“We’re talking about that. You know how we are. We’re always very circumspect until we can go “Aha! There it is!” With everything we build now, we want to have this long-term relationship with the customer and always have something for them to try. So we’re definitely looking at that for “Mass Effect.”

If Bioware do look to release some more DLC I only hope that this time they do it properly and add a new city to the mix, with some new NPC’s and a couple of decent side quests. I will keep my ear to the ground on this one because I always have hope that they will add more great content to what I thought was a fantastic game.

source: Kotaku

Last Updated: August 8, 2008

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