More Rumours about MGS4 on the 360

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Okay so I can’t stop myself posting about MGS coming to the Xbox 360 🙂

This game looks awesome and the constant rumours about it gracing the 360 are starting to remind me of the Xbox 360 Elite and 80Gb PS3 and we all know how those rumours turned out…

How it will probably be coming in (or slightly before) March to the PS3, and more or less confirms there is a deal in place that MGS4 will come to the 360.

Shane Bettenhausen who is one of the EGM editors mentions in his recent podcast that MGS4 should hit the PS3 in March next year and will most probably hit the 360 6 months to a year later. 6 months would make it next christmas which would be a great christmas present for 360 owners….

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Last Updated: May 23, 2007

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