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More than 100 games are reportedly coming to Stadia in 2021

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Just a few weeks after closing down its internal development team, Google Stadia wants to remind everyone that yes, it is actually bringing games to the platform in 2021. Not a staggering amount of games and very few of them are likely to be original or exclusives but over in a community blog post, Google confirmed that over 100 games are arriving this year.

The small selection of games listed in that post include titles like FIFA 2021, Judgement, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition, and something called “It came from space and ate our brains” with more titles likely being revealed as the year goes on.


“These games represent just a sampling of the more than 100 games that will be added to the Stadia store for our players in 2021 to share, experience, and play with friends”, reads the blog post. Yes, I’m sure all five Google Stadia users are very excited to chatter amongst themselves about… Street Power Football. Truly the kind of game that gets the ol’ heart pounding with excitement, right?

As mentioned above, Stadia isn’t exactly doing all that hot right now as it just recently confirmed that it was killing its internal game development studio. “We see an important opportunity to work with partners seeking a gaming solution all built on Stadia’s advanced technical infrastructure and platform tools,” Google’s head of Stadia operations Phil Harrison wrote in a blog post.

We believe this is the best path to building Stadia into a long-term, sustainable business that helps grow the industry.

With all these deals going through to bring games over to the platform, one has to imagine Stadia isn’t backing down without a fight but really, who’s going to the effort of streaming FIFA 2021 when it’s right there on GamePass?

Last Updated: February 15, 2021

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