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Mortal Kombat Reviews Round-Up

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Ed Boon’s attempt at a Mortal Kombat reboot has finally been released and almost all reviews (our review is almost ready) are up and if you still aren’t sure about spending your dosh on a copy, then let us lend a helping hand.

Has Netherrealm Studios delivered with its attempt to follow in Capcom’s footsteps by returning its flagship series back to its roots? Let’s take a look at what reviewers are saying.

Well, if you are a fan and were hoping that Mortal Kombat would kick ass, then you are in for a treat because out of 39 critics, that game is scoring a very sweet 86/100, with a few perfect scores being dished out by very respectable sites.

Joystiq whipped out its perfect score saying:

Easily the best game the franchise has produced. Engaging for pros and newcomers alike, packing tons of content and wrapped in a gorgeous presentation, it’s not just a show of love for fans of the series, but a game likely to make many more.

and Giant Bomb also kicked out a 100% score:

With its shockingly terrific solo components and a multiplayer offering that gives you plenty of options, Mortal Kombat might just be the most complete fighting game ever released. Oh, and yeah, it’s a lot of fun to play, too.

While fighters like Mortal Kombat are either only for the hardcore (and/or) multiplayer fanatics or pulled out when friends are visiting like some sort of overly-brutal digital version of Trivial Pursuit, it seems to be getting a lot of praise for its value as a single player experience as well.

It’s lowest score came from Eurogamer, which despite being a lowly 70% when compared to the others, still seemed to praise the series for finally returning to where it should be. They had the following to say:

The series has always ridden in the wake of its own spectacle, but after years of unfocused deviation, we finally have an evolution that demonstrates clear progress. It’s the best 3D game in the series by a long way, and that’s because it embraces the 2D heritage which always made Mortal Kombat its own kind of game.

I was a massive fan of the original series and played the daylights out of it until the formula changed to stances, 3D and all that jazz that to me just killed everything that made an MK game what it was. It’s for this reason that I am supremely stoked to finally get my own copy and start jamming with some buddies.

For those who don’t already know, I’m a massive Street Fighter IV fan and I constantly watch live stream tournaments and events from the U.S and from the looks of things, this new Mortal Kombat is enjoying a warm reception from tournament players, which means that it may very well be added to the list of tournament titles.

If anyone is interested in hearing more about the live tournaments (they can be really fun to watch when you are truthfully watching the best of the best go at it), then be vocal in the comments section and I will look into doing some coverage to get you started.

So then, the game seems to be putting smiles on everyones faces, be sure to read our full review when it releases in the near future, as we have an old-school MK fan working on it and you can expect a lot of great insight into this new offering.

Have you already bought it, are you going to get it? Whadda ya think so far? I know the PS3 owners have Kratos to play with, but with no PSN at present I’m sure the experience has a been a little gimped somewhat for many of you out there. Hopefully it’s sorted soon and you can all get back to tearing each others faces in half in no time at all.

Last Updated: April 28, 2011

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