Most people don't want Home?

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The guys over at Famitsu (Japanese gaming magazine) have been running a poll recently about the upcoming virtual reality for the PS3 called Home.

Apparently most people are not so fond of the idea with 27.3% interested in giving it a shot, 37.3% don’t care at all and 35.4% dislikes these types of services.

So if we judge general opinion by a small segment of hardcore gamers (which would be stupid) it could be seen that Home is going to be a huge flop. I would vote in the “dislikes these types of services” section but I am sure that Sony has done there homework on this one.

Last Updated: February 4, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • What madness is this ? Every one wants home..

  • doobiwan

    Ooo burn, own goal! 😉

    How much have they spent developing it?

  • scotty777

    well… if 27.3% of ps3 users want it, then thats 27.3% of 9 million…. so that means, about 2 million people will most likely get it, and the fact that people are social, so they’ll end up roping there friends into getting it as well… I just hope that Sony has enough servers to host this… it could end up being a very BAD thing if they don’t

  • Abe

    I dont care for it one bit! Bleh

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