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MotoGP is returning to the arcade

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MotoGP games on console, are alright. They’re passable at best and pretty much the only competition in town. MotoGP games in arcades however? Now you’ve got my attention!

There’s nothing like throwing your sizable weight over a plastic replica of a motorcycle, and coming perilously close to dipping your face in the diseased linoleum of an arcade floor. Now that’s racing! And it looks like MotoGP is headed back to those halls, with a completely new pair of pocket rockets to saddle up on.

Simply titled MotoGP, the arcade stand for this bike racer looks like a thing of beauty. You’ve got two swivel bike controllers, 42” HD monitors, cameras to capture your face to use as an avatar in the game and more. Arcade Heroes has the flyer:


So what makes this arcade stand any different to other games in the genre? Co-operative play apparently. MotoGP will sport support for not just two, but up to eight players around the world via an online function. The stand also has wind effects and the ability to create player accounts which can be stored and accessed from the machine. That’s kind of neat actually.

All that, and the official license added as well. Which means that my father will spot this and most likely rave about how Valentino Rossi is his boooyeeee. And then I’ll mention that I think Marc Marquez could steal the number one spot this year. And then I’ll wake up to find out that my father has disowned me. Man, life in PE is not easy.

Anyway, the MotoGP stand will start rolling out from the end of the year. Arcade motorcycle games are the best arcade games. Because they allow me to feel like a big boy, who’s allowed to ride a two-wheeled monstrosity that has an engine bigger than the 110 in my scooter. Vrooooooom!

Last Updated: October 21, 2015

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  1. Looks really cool. Where to put it is the question. Suppose my car can sleep outside.


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