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Motorstorm Patched

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Details are being leaked about the upcoming v1.2 Motorstorm patch which should be arriving in mid may… some of the things being addressed are

Host Identification, increased buddy list size, improved online stability, audio issues and a couple more minor details… One really big thing that is being introduced is a change to the Player Rankings.

Player Ranking: Players were found to be ranked incorrectly due to a bug. Because of this all online rankings will be reset and the ranking system should now function correctly. Evolution and Sony apologise for this measure but it will result in a fairer and more stable ranking system for all players.

So for all you guys who have been increasing your rank so diligently over the past few weeks. Tough…. These are the types of bugs that really annoy me the most.

How can something so intrical to the game as rankings not be tested correctly and only get fixed weeks after the game has been released?

Anyway for the full list follow the link to the nearly official Sony blog.

Link to Three Speech » MOTORSTORM – V1.2 UPDATE DETAILS

Last Updated: May 2, 2007

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