Movie advertising hits Farmville

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Want to know what Farmville has that makes it very alluring to advertisers? 17 million players, that’s what. It’s an advertiser’s wet dream insofar as captive markets are concerned. Zynga is sitting pretty with this resource, and now movies are set to make use of it.

DreamWorks Animation has signed a deal with Zynga that will see their upcoming movie, Megamind, advertised in the popular Facebook game. So, has anyone ever heard of Megamind, or have I been living under a rock for a few months?

All 17 million players of Farmville will be given a new neighbour today (04 November), and that neighbour is the bad-guy from Megamind. Players will be receiving invites to visit his Megamind themed farm and if they do so they’ll receive items for their own farms as well as a Mega-Grow mixture that apparently allows crops to grow without wilting – or something, I don’t know. How did a game this dull become so popular?

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: November 4, 2010

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