MSI reveals the world’s thinnest 17 inch gaming laptop

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Even though I know I’ll most likely have my kneecaps broken with an old Pentium 486 PC in a dark alley for admitting that I love gaming laptops, it’s still worth posting this. MSI Computer Corp has a new mobile gaming platform on the way, and that laptop happens to be thinner than Pep store-brand toilet paper.

The GS70 is a 17 inch beast that happens to be just .85 inches thin. That’s pretty damn svelte, considering that the laptop happens to be packing an Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M card and a fourth generation Intel Core i7 processor.

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The GS70 will be out in 750GB and 1TB models as well, costing gamers $1799 and $1999 respectively. Both models share the same features though, such as three audio jacks, a 720p HD camera and 16GB of DDR3L RAM. And all of that, in a package that weighs just 2.5 KG.

That’s pretty damn impressive overall, although when it comes to a lack of girth, Razer has MSI beat with their 14 inch Blade laptop that happens to be even thinner – but has 3 inches less screen real estate. 

Last Updated: August 7, 2013

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