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So we posted two interesting articles yesterday (here and here) regarding the recent South African vs. Mexico DOTA 2 match. Before we posted the first article in the morning we contacted the MSSA for an official comment and were promised a press release regarding the issue.

Well that Press Release never arrived, which is no real surprise, and we started doing some of our own investigation.

Now admittedly we had a limited time to do this research so in around an hour we only managed to find out that the IeSF is possibly not the best international eSports organisation to affiliate with as most of their partners appear to be stale or none existent, with all their world series tournaments being held in South Korea.

Then through this organisation they were pointed to the, apparently official, Mexican eSports organisation at, which while better than our own local attempt, is still far from looking like an official organisation. The last time it appeared to be active was in August last year. Ah but is it official?

The owner of the site, Agustín Cruz Lozano, states that he formed eSports Mexico in 2011 to respond to the needs of Mexican gamers. He is working to help the creation and continuity of eSports clubs in Mexico. At no point does he imply or state that this is a government backed organisation or an official entity of any kind.

Then we looked at the players and found that 2 of them appeared to not actually be Mexican which instantly makes this not a national side. Not only that but the Mexican DOTA 2 group has actively stated that only 1 member of the team is Mexican and that none of the team members are the top players in the country.

Now if I was in charge of the MSSA I would expect my team to have done more than an hour’s research in to setting up a crucial test match against a national team and maybe raising a few questions beforehand. When England play Bafana Bafana both teams need to provide their squad names before and and if asked they are required to provide proof that the players are in fact eligible for the team. I will guarantee this wasn’t done.

But no it seems the MSSA doesn’t actually care about whether the opposing team is official or not as long as our team has jumped through their multitude of hoops to make them feel important.

When approached by about our article the esteemed president of the MSSA, Colin Webster, had this to say.

Dear Deon

A silly sensationalist article.

The MSSA asked the Mexican body to provide a team. The Mexican Federation provided a team. The two teams played. South Africa won!

There is no more to it than that!

Best regards


Gloves off

So our article showcasing that our national pride was disrespected, our team was ridiculed and the Mexican nation disgraced was just silly sensationalism?  Mexico doesn’t appear to have an eSports federation aligned to government, and the MSSA doesn’t like being questioned.

Previously when I’ve posted about the MSSA I always received emails or phone calls asking why I didn’t ask for their comment first. Now when we do ask for their comment we don’t get anything and then get mocked to other media.

Nice move MSSA. I personally have a lot of pride in our work and the gaming industry in South Africa and I for one have backed the idea of the MSSA on countless occasions both publicly and privately. But no more. The MSSA obviously doesn’t have the interest of gamers at heart and is not competent to run or help eSports locally.

We were in the process of affiliating a club with them to try and help gamers bypass the illogical red tape that is put in the way but that idea has now been shelved indefinitely. Maybe the next president of the MSSA will do a better job but don’t count on it since only affiliated members with double backing from multiple clubs can even be nominated for the role so don’t expect any changes anytime soon.

In closing we will obviously still cover the local eSports scene that MSSA officiates as well as other properly organised events. But as you have always known and maybe the MSSA is only now realising, we don’t just post the news they want people to hear. We actually have pride and integrity in what we do.

Next time you organise a test match, make sure the other team is official and ask for proof. It really isn’t that hard.

And for those who do care about the quality of gaming locally we are organising a rematch with Mexico. We are in contact with the top two DOTA 2 clans in the country, verified by a multitude of sources, and are going to pit them up against the top 2 DOTA 2 clans from South Africa. Energy who are currently leading the DGL league and one other which is still being debated…because research is required. On that note, this is not something we’d like to get into on a larger scale, and we’d prefer to leave this sort of thing to the professionals; people like the DGL and PolarFluke. We’re only doing this because there are wrongs that we feel need to be righted.

So stay tuned for that. It won’t be official but it will be good.

Last Updated: September 11, 2013

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