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MTV and Apple Corps Announce a Beatles Music Game

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beatles 1 Harmonix and MTV have forged an exclusive partnership with Apple Corps to create a standalone music game featuring the music of The Beatles.

Surprisingly, this will not be a game carrying the Rock Band name. While the game will play in a similar fashion to what we’ve become accustomed to in Rock Band, they didn’t actually go into any sort of detail on what the game will be like. The reasoning for not calling this Rock Band: Beatles was because this game is fully focused on The Beatles and its intention of taking you on a journey from The Beatles’ first album to their final album.

That doesn’t mean you can expect to see every song in their catalog, but the aim is to cover their entire career.

No word on what platforms we can expect to see the game on, whether there will be any interoperability with the instruments you already own from Guitar Hero or Rock Band, or when it might release, although holiday 2009 was mentioned at one point.

Harmonix’s Alex Rigopulos called this a dream project, which is disappointingly about the only thing we know. Time and again, the members of the conference call made it clear that it was too soon to talk about anything in the game as it’s “in the process of being built.”

It’s difficult to draw any conclusions about this given how evasive they were in giving much in the way of actual information, but given The Beatles’ history of not even being available on iTunes, this is a major coup for MTV and Harmonix in a number of ways. One thing I can promise is that I’m pretty damn sure this will kick the junk out of Guitar Hero Aerosmith/Metallica/whatever because IT’S THE BEATLES!

Last Updated: October 31, 2008

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