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Multiplayer included in Star Wars: FU for Xbox 360

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doobiwan posted a comment yesterday that got my mind thinking.

As we know the multi-player section of Star Wars: Force Unleashed is not going to be included in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game (click) but strangely enough it is going to be included in the Wii version.

Now this never made any sense to me and was met with anger and amazement by the general community, however now that Microsoft has patented and virtually confirmed the existence of their Newton motion controller a new idea is starting to form.

We all expected the new motion controller to be announced along with the Banjo game but that announcement came and went without any utterance about the Newton, so everyone then started looking for the next family game in the list and have possibly overlooked the most obvious of the lot.

Has Microsoft pulled of a coup and organised to have a multi-player section for the Xbox 360 using the Newton controller? It makes sense and it would be the easiest way to energise a mass take up of the new controller as the Star Wars fanatics are a very large and vocal bunch.

If they have done this then there is going to be egg on Sony’s faces as there version will be the only one without multi-player then…..

Who’s up for some online duelling in HD? I know I am….

Last Updated: May 28, 2008

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