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My Gears Of War 2 Worries

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So Gears of War 2 is coming and from all the reports so far it’s going to be better than anything, including sliced bread.

Well Gears 1 (and the Alpacas) were the reason I came back from the multi-player wilderness and I have huge expectations for this sequel.

However I have some worries as well and most of them are related to the new features that are being added to the new version.

100’s of enemies
The much touted hundreds of enemies on screen at one time is worrying me to be honest. The first Gears was amazingly personal and intimate. I loved the fact that you felt like you were a small intricate part of a larger war, but your main worries were purely what was happening in front of you at that time. Now with hundreds of enemies I worry that you are just going to feel like a number.


Larger Maps
As above really, I don’t want to feel like I am in a huge epic war like Halo, COD4, Battlefield or anything else along those lines.

Halo Style Party System
Granted this one is only bad for those of us who don’t live in the UK or USA. Party systems are great but not when you keep getting your ass handed to you thanks to that 1 second lag or worse.

How about we all admit that we don’t care about people cheating to get more points and just let us play custom ranked games?

The New Weapons
The idea of a flamethrower is awesome, but really how practical is that going to be? How many other dodgy weapons are going to be added before we start worrying more about what weapon we are using rather than who we are aiming at?

The idea of proximity mines just brings horrible campers to mind.

Those Glitches
Okay to be fair I don’t know if it was purely down to the glitches or not but one of the most redeeming factors of Gears was it’s low barrier to entry and moderate learning curve.

Now I never really got good at Gears, I was okay.. I could hold my own most times and could even play league games after 12 beers… badly but I played.

The thing is you would often have a glitch work for you, the guy would barrel roll around the corner and get stuck on the next wall while you calmly chainsawed him in half.


Yeah it was unfair but it made you feel good and if the opponents were some of the nicer people on Live then it was all a good laugh and no one ever really got upset.

The same cannot be said for COD4 or Halo 3 which seems to wind people up no end.

Honestly the only person who I have met who can’t play Gears is my lovely wife, bless her uncoordinated gaming soul. She managed to find a van in Canals… I am still trying to find that van.

An improvement in graphics and sound would be cool but I am way more interested in the gameplay staying just as it is already.

Last Updated: July 15, 2008

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