NAG LAN tickets go on sale August 31

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Most of you will most likely never get a chance to visit Gamescom or E3, but on a local scale, we’ve got a pretty damn good alternative in the form of rAge. The Really Awesome Gaming Expo will be held this year from October 4-6, and as usual the massive LAN event will be the peak attraction. Tickets go on sale August 31. Here’s what you need to know.

From 09h00 AM on that last day of August, the tickets will be up for grabs at, and only at, That ticket will cost you R400, and includes a free pass to the expo itself for the entire weekend. Tickets are also limited to only two per person. The sponsors for this year includes Corex, Intel and HP.

If you’re planning on taking part in this event, I’d prepare early if I were you. Specifically by sitting at my keyboard and hitting the F5 key until your finger is a weathered piece of bone. Tickets last year sold out within an hour, with the usual scalpers trying their luck afterwards with massive pricing on sites such as Gumtree.

For more details on the rules, what to bring and what to expect, hit the NAG forums or the official site. The chaps there are more than happy to hand out some advice. And for those of you heading to rAge who aren’t planning on LANning, take some deodorant with to chuck at the PC jockeys inside the cage.

Oh, and a stick.

Last Updated: July 23, 2013

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