NAG’s redesigned rAge mascot looks much better

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Roxy (2)

If you’re familiar with the Really Awesome Gaming Expo, then you’re no doubt familiar with their mascot, Roxy. She’s been the face of the biggest gaming convention in the country for quite a few years now, adorning the halls of the Vodacom Dome and advertising material, helping to sell the event. This year, Roxy got a redesign that didn’t exactly gel with the industry and the public, resulting in another redesign that looks far more family-friendly now.

The original design for Roxy by artist Caroline Vos wasn’t warmly received a few weeks ago. Roxy had a thong that was so far up her bum that it looked like it was doing a cavity search and a spine that would make a contortionist jealous. Here’s the original image:

Roxy (1)

And here’s the new and improved Roxy, a simple redesign that hits all the right notes for me, though she still has a spine that would make a contortionist jealous

Roxy (2)

“The latest version of our rAge mascot, Roxy, caused a bit of a stir after we published updated pictures of her recently,” NAG boss Michael James said to My Broadband. “When we commissioned the artwork this is more or less what we asked for: we need Roxy in space, wearing an outlandish futuristic outfit, fighting off some alien monster.”

According to James, the final decision on Roxy’s design could have had some more thought applied to it:

For us, Roxy has always been a strong female character in a world dominated by male stereotypes, and she takes no crap from aliens, zombies, and so on. This is how we’ve always thought of her. rAge has always been a family-friendly show. We also should have taken into consideration all the current thinking on female characters in video games.

We’re really sorry to those people who took offence to the original Roxy artwork.

I like it! It’s a nice touch-up, that in many ways, makes for a better piece of art from Vos. Hell, I’d gladly hang a poster of Roxy in her new look, on my wall, so Kudos to NAG for their efforts on addressing this issue. What do you think?

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Last Updated: May 12, 2015

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