Namco-Bandai Distributing Games through Facebook.

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Facebook is the bane of the corporate world. It unnecessarily uses ridiculous amounts of bandwidth, and wastes many paid for man-hours. All so you can “poke” somebody you haven’t spoken to in years. Namco-Bandai are vying for a few of those wasted hours – they’re releasing two of their beloved classics on the web-based platform.

Both Pac-Man and Dig-Dug will be available for download through the platform. While not directly playable through facebook, the downloaded games will do stat-tracking and publish your achievements within the games to your Facebook status. the first two levels of each game will be free – but should you wish to continue playing you’ll have to pony up $9.99.

Would any of YOU pay 96.5114819 South African Rands to play either of those?

Source : 1up

Last Updated: March 19, 2009

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