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National DOTA 2 trials taking place this weekend

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The South African national trials for the official DOTA 2 team are taking place this weekend at Wits University in Gauteng and 60 players across the country will be representing their 5 respective clubs.

This is in preparation for the upcoming Test Match against the Romanians, who are currently ranked 3rd in the world.

However as is usual when the MSSA is involved there is a bit of controversy surrounding the trials and subsequent team selection. The trials kicked of with an online competition section that started on the 6th of April and then the top players would be selected to take part in the national trials.

Those top players have now been chosen and in a sign of the growing power of the DOTA 2 section of the community a full 60 players have been selected to enter the trials.


So so far so good and a huge congratulations to the top 60 DOTA 2 players in the country. For those of you who think you are better but didn’t enter because of your personal issue with the MSSA then shame, these are the top 60 players that are recognised in the country.

But no that’s not why everyone has their knickers in a knot this time. The thing that is annoying people now is that the official trials apparently need to take place in a single venue and since 21 of the 60 are in Gauteng the trials are taking place there.

So 39 players have to make their own way to Wits University by this weekend. These 39 players were only given a week’s notice and to put that into perspective, the cheapest flight I can find landing on Friday and leaving on Saturday from Cape Town is currently R1661. Throw in another R600 for accommodation and an extra R500 at least for food, and you’ve got an expensive weekend. 

So a Cape Town clan of 4 is going to cost close on R10 000 to attend the trials with no guarantee of any rewards; that’s a bit steep in my poor opinion.

There is a silver lining though, if your Capetonian side wins then the test match will take place from a venue in Cape Town so that’s something. I’ve asked Colin Webster for some feedback on why all players have to be at the same venue for the trials and will update this article if we receive a response.

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Last Updated: April 30, 2013

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