Naughty Bear Slaughters Itself

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Naughty Bear
Unfortunately during my recent travels around the planet I have been subjected to the most magnificent amount of jet lag which has led me to miss a whole pile of interesting news and meetings… one of the things I missed was the fact that the much anticipated Naughty Bear was released.

Naughty Bear was an appealing game where the story behind it revolved around you being a teddy bear who wasn’t invited to the picnic and who then snaps and decides to slaughter all the other cute and cuddly bears in the most violent ways possible.

So with a slightly disturbing idea and comic book graphics that set the scene the game was being viewed as a possible solid performer…

Unfortunately that isn’t the case with IGN lambasting the game in it’s review, out goes the usual indepth professional reviews that we normally see on IGN and in comes an informal roasting of a singulary terrible experience.

Serious Xbox 360 fanboys can point out that the game plays better on the 360 but by the sound of it the game is an insult to both consoles and should never have made it out of the testing phase in it’s current state.

IGN gave Naughty Bear a solid 2.5 a solid plummet from the developers previous game WET which managed a mediocre Metacritic score of 70% which means this could be the end of the developers, Artifical Mind and Movement, something they may deserve after also creating Twilight Scene It.

We unfortunately never received a copy of Naughty Bear to review and after reading that review you would have to be an idiot to spend money on it so I guess this will be as close as we get to actually reviewing the game for ourselves.

Last Updated: July 13, 2010

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