NBA Jam Wii Has No Online Multiplayer

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Multi-console owning fans of NBA Jam are caught in a quandry. While the HD consoles will be getting the game as a gimped pack-in with NBA Elite, many gamers would rather opt for the complete Wii version – even if the system has a pretty terrible online multiplayer system.

Well, their minds may have just been made up for them; It’s just been confirmed that the more complete Wii version of NBA Jam – a game that places a large focus on multiplayer – will not have online multiplayer. At all.

Essentially, there will be no full version of the game. The downloadable PSN and XBLA versions won’t have the Remix Tour mode, which gives players boss battles and unique challenges in single and  local cooperative multiplayer; While the Wii version won’t have online multiplayer, a feature that will be present in the “lite” versions.

Maybe I’m just a jaded, cynical bastard, but it looks like EA have turned their Project $10 in to Project $110, as that’s what you’d have to pay to experience NBA Jam to its full; shelling out $60 for NBA Elite on one of the HD consoles, and a further $50 for the retail Wii version.

If this is some sort of way for EA to “test the waters,” then they’re going about it very, very wrong. I don’t see any reason not include multiplayer in the Wii version. It’s a 2vs2 game. I;m pretty sure they can code Wi-fi support for 4 damned players, and anybody who’s taken Mario Kart online would tell you that runs just fine with 3 times the players.

Source : Kotaku

Last Updated: September 8, 2010

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